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Sustainability » Community

The Curimbaba Group conducts its business responsibly, promoting favorable conditions for social development. Since its founding, the Group has devoted its efforts to finding solutions to the needs of society and encouraging the mobilization of people and institutions to build a dignified future for all.

The Curimbaba aims to continually develop its businesses in a sustainable manner and contribute to the formation of a more conscious, fair and homogeneous society. The companies of Curimbaba Group maintain a structure of support to employees and their dependents, providing medical and dental care, health plan including examinations and hospitalization, food basket, cafeteria, employee commuter transport, among other benefits.

The companies also maintains an educational incentive program that offers free teaching, classroom and educational materials to employees who have not completed primary education. For those who have completed primary education, the program offers support for attending secondary studies and a grant for technical and language courses as well as for university studies. For employees in managerial positions, the company offers a grant for postgraduate studies.

The educational incentive program is also extended to employee’s dependents. Every year, the Group distributes vouchers for the purchase of school supplies to students enrolled in the 1st year to the 9th year of elementary school.

Through lectures and campaigns, employees are instructed to prevent accidents and diseases, provide first aid care and take care of hygiene. They are also encouraged to share this knowledge with family members and others in their neighborhood.

Sports and leisure with family are also encouraged by the Group through its Employee Association, which maintains two sports and recreational clubs for employees and their dependents.