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All the companies in the Group work with differentiated products with high added value in the markets in which they operate: abrasive, refractory, ceramic, oil and gas, surface treatment, oil treatment, transportation sector, construction and agribusiness. This is a guideline of the Grupo Curimbaba, whose outset is the investment in technology and quality.

Linha do Tempo


In 1940, Benedito Moreira Curimbaba created a mining company in the city of Poços de Caldas, located in the Southern Region of the State of Minas Gerais. With his pioneering vision, Benedito Curimbaba invested in some bauxite deposits and developed the use of potassic rocks as a fertilizer


In 1950 he has foundaded the Benedito Moreira Curimbaba company.


In 1961, Benedito entered into an association with his son Sebastião Curimbaba and they founded the first company of the Group, Mineração Curimbaba, a successor to the company Benedito Moreira Curimbaba. Sebastião Curimbaba, a born entrepreneur, spearheaded the development of Mineração, one of the eleven companies of the Curimbaba Group, a family-controlled holding company formed by Oxicur Participações S/A and Alopar Participações e Comércio S/A.


In 1976, the Curimbaba Group acquired the Elfusa Geral de Eletrofusão, the largest company of Latin America in the Fused Aluminum Oxides sector, in the city of São João da Boa Vista, São Paulo.


In 1979, the company Alcace Transportes was founded in Poços de Caldas, the company is responsible for the transportation of loads with specialized labor and its own fleet. The company is responsible for internal transportation and for the main distribution points of Curimbaba and Elfusa Mineração.


In the year 1980, the Group acquired Olga S.A., the largest manufacturer of mechanical surface treatment products in Latin America and the national market leader in its segment, located in Guarulhos, São Paulo.


In 1982, US Electrofused Minerals, a distributor of fused oxides, bauxites and silicon carbide was created in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, United States.


The company Tarumã, responsible for forestry and logging, was founded in 1988 by the Curimbaba Group in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais.


The Curimbaba Group founded Sintex Minerals, a distributor of bauxite ceramic proppants in Houston, United States.


In 2001, Brita Caldas, a supplier of gravel, was founded by the Group in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais.


The foudantion of Sintex Minerals International, distributor of bauxite ceramic proppants, in Uruguay.


In 2008, the Curimbaba Group acquired the company Electro Abrasives, manufacturer of silicon carbides, in Bufallo in the United States.


In 2010, the joint venture with Sublime Technologies was formed in South Africa. In addition, in 2010, the Group acquired the Japanese multinational Mitsui Fertilizers, definitively entering the agribusiness segment as a thermo-phosphate manufacturer through the company Yoorin Fertilizantes.


Sublime Technologies was fully incorporated into the Curimbaba Group in September 2018.

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