Social Development

The Curimbaba Group conducts business in a responsible manner, while promoting conditions favorable to social development. Since its foundation, the Group has made concentrated efforts to improve social welfare, by stimulating the mobilization of people and institutions in the construction of a better future for all.

The Curimbaba Group always seeks to conduct its business in a sustainable fashion and contribute to the formation of a more aware, just and homogenous society. The search for this objective begins within the Group’s affiliated corporations. In Poços de Caldas (MG) and São João da Boa Vista (SP), Mineração Curimbaba and Elfusa have established a support structure for employees and their dependents, offering medical and dental assistance, health insurance that covers laboratory examinations and hospitalization, basic foodstuffs, on-site canteen for employees, transportation of employees to and from work, among other benefits.

The corporations also maintain a program of educational incentives which provides teachers, classrooms and teaching material free of charge to employees who have not completed their basic education. For those who have completed this stage, the program offers support for conclusion of high school, study grants for technical, language and undergraduate courses, as well as advanced degree courses for those in managerial positions.

Educational incentives are also extended to the dependents of employees. Every year, vouchers are distributed for the purchase of back-to-school articles for students from kindergarten to 8th grade.

By means of presentations and campaigns, employees receive guidance on the prevention of accidents and illnesses, application of first aid procedures and education in personal hygiene, and are encouraged to share this knowledge with members of their families and other acquaintances.

The practice of sports and leisure activities in a family atmosphere is stimulated by the Curimbaba Group, which maintains two sports and recreational clubs for employees and their dependents.

Through a program of visits to its affiliated corporations, the Curimbaba Group supports the education of youths for the workplace and the exercise of citizenship. In Poços de Caldas, the Environmental Education Program maintained by Mineração Curimbaba contributes to improve the critical capacity of students in public schools. In São João da Boa Vista, visits by students from technical courses and universities to Elfusa promote hands-on learning and a view of the structure of a large corporation.

The investments in social development by the Curimbaba Group are not limited to the actions of the affiliated corporations. The second semester of 2007 will be marked by the creation of the Curimbaba Foundation, which will support NGOs in the development of social projects and maintain programs in the interests of the community. The Curimbaba Foundation will consolidate the activities in the social field of the corporations of the Curimbaba Group, which currently have independent policies and partners.


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