The Curimbaba Group is a family-owned concern that operates in the industrial and transportation sectors. With its focus on mineral extraction and transformation activities, the company works mainly in the markets for abrasives, agrochemical products, ceramics, refractory mortar, bleaching of oil, solder for welding, friction, casting, chemical grade bauxite, treatment of surfaces, microgranules, floor paving, propellants, refractories and steelmaking.

The Curimbaba Group was founded in 1961, by the creation of the Mineração Curimbaba company by Benedito Moreira Curimbaba and his son, Sebastião Curimbaba. It currently comprises six companies, located in Poços de Caldas (MG), São João da Boa Vista (SP) and Guarulhos (SP). The Group has sales representatives in the United States, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Korea and Thailand.






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